Duecoin is the new blockchain cryptocurrency.DUECOIN is a peer-to-peer Cryptocurrency that enables instant, almost-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Duecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which implies it has no central authority and its esteem will be dictated by laws of Demand and Supply in Crypto verse. Exact code secures their system and enables people to control their own funds. This fully decentralized platform will offer significant advantages. Duecoin is and will remain completely decentralized, giving an enormous preferred standpoint over traditional currencies concerning the speed of exchange, cost, security, inflation, and other external forces.

DUEC`s main long-term goal is to become the main platform to sell and buy tokens at the pre-sale and ICO`s stages before they reach the open exchanges. Without providing too much detail at this stage. We have set in place the necessary technological infrastructure and are proceeding as planned with the financial and exchange release of DUEC. After which DUEC`s ICO Market will be rolled out in stages during the course of 2018.

The DUEC ICO Marketplace will provide ICO`s a decentralized blockchain based platform to market, launch and sell their respective tokens. We envisage a streamlined and fraud-resistant platform based on blockchain based protocols and instruments both technical and financial that will both assist ICO launches as well as prevent as much as possibly fraudulent and suspect tokens.

The Blockchain and ICO`s world is expanding at a rate not seen since the United States made the internet free in 1992. However, there are significant shortfalls at this early stage one of which is the susceptibility of ICO`s been used by criminal elements for nefarious purposes. A secondly related shortfall is the lack of a consensus on how to value new tokens or for that matter well-established tokens.

DUEC`s ICO` Marketplace will resolve these shortfalls and in doing so provide the crypto community with a vital tool going forward.

Duecoin Website
English: http://www.duecoin.io
Spanish: http://www.duecoin.io/es
Source Code: https://github.com/duecoin/duecoin_sourcecode
Windows Wallets: https://github.com/duecoin/wallet_windows
Mac Wallets: https://github.com/duecoin/wallet_mac
Linux Wallets: **coming soon**
Block Explorer: http://explorer.duecoin.io/explorer/
Faucet: http://faucet.duecoin.io/
Mining Details: http://www.duecoin.io/mining-duecoin/

Short: DUEC
Algorithm: SHA256
Pre-mine: 42,000,000
Money supply: 840,000,000Type: POS + POW
Block time: 240 SecondsBlock
Reward: 1200
No. of blocks
Block Size: 1 MB
Additional Info: 4% yearly after finishing pow

For more information contact Duecoin at: support@duecoin.io