About Us

Where to start? Have you ever heard of the term “digital nomad“? It basically means someone that works completely online thus having the ability to live in remote areas of the world. The concept was born out of a desire for freedom. The worldwide web has created such freedom with a “grid” of computers, terminals, mobile devices and nodes all interconnected for Internet commerce. This is where our strength shines.

We are a group of early coders, web developers and SEO specialists possessing the art of manipulating search engines. Well over a decade of experience with many multiples of Google algorithms and search evolution. Did you know Google has a department dedicated to outsmarting us? An insider of SEO has the ability to game the system in search engines and bring eyeballs to a brand, domain/website. Google spends an endless amount of money, resources and AI to combat the SEO specialist while providing quality content to the searcher. A balancing act certainly not easy but continuous. We dedicate timeless efforts in practicing the art of ranking for countless keyword terms.

The evolution of “the search” has certainly made advances towards phonetic spoken searches as more people rely on talking to their mobile devices. Searchers are speaking searches into mobile devices every second. This leaves us with the question: Where is your website to be found?

Beating your competition takes skill and the ability to utilize online resources. These skills include ORM online reputation management/marketing, social media outreach, satellite websites and SEO.

Our passion for a digital economy has created and delivered a 1-stop location online, SEObitcoin.com. Have a browse of our growing services or contact us for a specialized project or quote today. Don’t forget to bookmark our website as we may be a valuable resource for you.

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